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Public Attributes

x11_compositor Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct {
   xcb_atom_t   cardinal
   xcb_atom_t   net_wm_icon
   xcb_atom_t   net_wm_name
   xcb_atom_t   net_wm_state
   xcb_atom_t   net_wm_state_fullscreen
   xcb_atom_t   string
   xcb_atom_t   utf8_string
   xcb_atom_t   wm_class
   xcb_atom_t   wm_delete_window
   xcb_atom_t   wm_normal_hints
   xcb_atom_t   wm_protocols
   xcb_atom_t   wm_size_hints
struct wlsc_compositor base
xcb_connection_t * conn
Display * dpy
struct wl_array keys
xcb_cursor_t null_cursor
xcb_screen_t * screen
struct wl_event_source * xcb_source

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file compositor-x11.c.

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