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Public Attributes

terminal Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int attr_pitch
GIOChannel * channel
struct color_schemecolor_scheme
struct terminal_color color_table [256]
int column
character_set cs
struct attr curr_attr
union utf8_chardata
struct attrdata_attr
int data_pitch
struct displaydisplay
int32_t dragging
char escape [MAX_ESCAPE+1]
int escape_flags
int escape_length
cairo_font_extents_t extents
int fd
int focused
cairo_scaled_font_t * font_bold
cairo_scaled_font_t * font_normal
int fullscreen
character_set g0
character_set g1
int height
keyboard_mode key_mode
union utf8_char last_char
int margin
int margin_bottom
int margin_top
int master
uint32_t mode
uint32_t modifiers
char origin_mode
enum escape_state outer_state
int row
struct attr saved_attr
int saved_column
character_set saved_cs
character_set saved_g0
character_set saved_g1
char saved_origin_mode
int saved_row
struct wl_selection * selection
int32_t selection_active
int selection_end_x
int selection_end_y
struct wl_selection_offer * selection_offer
uint32_t selection_offer_has_text
int selection_start_x
int selection_start_y
int start
enum escape_state state
struct utf8_state_machine state_machine
char * tab_ruler
int width
struct windowwindow

Detailed Description

Definition at line 358 of file terminal.c.

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