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Public Attributes

display Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

cairo_surface_t * active_frame
struct wl_visual * argb_visual
int authenticated
struct wl_compositor * compositor
cairo_device_t * device
char * device_name
struct wl_display * display
struct {
   EGLConfig   conf
   EGLContext   ctx
   EGLDisplay   dpy
int fd
display_global_handler_t global_handler
cairo_surface_t * inactive_frame
struct wl_list input_list
GMainLoop * loop
uint32_t mask
struct wl_output * output
cairo_surface_t ** pointer_surfaces
struct wl_visual * premultiplied_argb_visual
struct wl_visual * rgb_visual
struct rectangle screen_allocation
cairo_surface_t * shadow
struct wl_shellshell
struct wl_shm * shm
GSource * source
struct wl_list window_list
struct xkb_desc * xkb

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file simple-client.c.

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