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static void resize_handler ( struct window window,
int32_t  width,
int32_t  height,
void *  data 
) [static]

CALLBACK function, Wayland requests the window to resize.

windowwindow to be resized
widthdesired width
heightdesired height
datauser data associated to the window

Definition at line 146 of file eventdemo.c.

References height_max, log_resize, and width_max.

Referenced by eventdemo_create().

      struct eventdemo *e = data;
      if (log_resize)
            printf("resize width: %d, height: %d\n", width, height);

      /* if a maximum width is set, constrain to it */
      if (width_max && width_max < width)
            width = width_max;

      /* if a maximum height is set, constrain to it */
      if (height_max && height_max < height)
            height = height_max;

      /* set the new window dimensions */
      window_set_child_size(e->window, width, height);

      /* inform Wayland that the window needs to be redrawn */

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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